Bam Margera’s Actions After Leaving Rehab Early Have Many Worried

Baum Margera is no stranger to controversy. Over the years, he had several stints in rehab for his substance abuse issues. Lately, the popular skateboarder and “Jacka**” star hasn’t been making headlines for his stunts. According to TMZ, last June, Margera left a rehab center in Florida. Several days later he was found at a nearby hotel. Photos released by the outlet show Margera visiting some of the bars in the area. Apparently, he had stopped taking his prescribed medication, causing his team to worry about his recovery efforts.

Bam Margera's Actions After Leaving Rehab Early Have Many Worried
Bam Margera’s Actions After Leaving Rehab Early Have Many Worried

Ever since Margera returned to rehab in June, he hasn’t been in touch with his estranged wife, Nikki Boyd. However, she has spoken with her team about child support and custody for her son, Phoenix Wolf. Boyd had previously filed for full custody of Wolf. Insiders cited Margera’s childcare arrangements as the reason for her rehab departure and overall disappointment.

Whatever the reason, history appears to be repeating itself, with Margera recently rebelling against his resettlement orders.

Fans Express Their Concern For Bam Margera

Bam Margera with fans outside tavern

On September 5, Bam Margera was seen in a bar with an unidentified woman, as seen in a video obtained by TMZ. According to sources, he is currently staying at a family friend’s house in Florida. Insiders also shared that while in rehab, Margera befriended a lawyer, who advised her that she could avoid court-ordered rehab by moving out of state. Sources told TMZ about the possibility of officers trying to get Margera back to the treatment center, however, to further complicate the situation, Margera is reportedly not speaking to her parents.

Margera’s behavior since her rehab has worried many. A fan recently posted a few photos on Instagram with Margera outside an inn, writing, “When you randomly meet Bam Margera at the bar after work.” One user commented, “No one lost @Saath Drunk to ‘Enablers’. So sad for the balms little boy. Great role model ‘dad’.” Another user wrote, “Wow. I feel bad for her.”

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